During this trying period brought about by the pandemic COVID-19, as Regent Automobile Valuers and Assessors we have been monitoring the progress and following laid out guidelines given by the Government and any other organization which has authority on the issue e.g. (WHO World Health Organization.)

We have had to sensitize our staff and also educate them on how to protect themselves and also to ensure that through their own protection the client is also protected.

In light of the way the COVID 19 spreads, it’s important to note that part of the valuation process mainly road testing and internal assessment of the vehicle which entails entering the vehicle and doing an actual road test by the valuers may compromise the safety of the valuer as well as the client through possible cross infection or contamination with this in mind we are encouraging minimal or no touching of the vehicles by our valuers among other measures as noted below.

We have ensured that before any valuation is done three rules are followed i.e.



  • The valuers are provided with protective gears i.e. face masks, hand gloves and sanitizers which are provided at the office and also pocket sanitizers (Spray or Gel) to be used as they conduct the valuations.
  • All valuers must sanitize before and after the valuation process and are also advised not to shake hands, maintain the required social distance and be careful when engaging with any client


  • The client is sensitized on the valuation process especially on the fact that a road test is to be done and that the valuer will have to enter the car so as to collect information on the vehicle e.g. coach work taking photos of the interior dashboard which in some instants the interior details are mandatory on some of our reports.
  • The valuers are encouraged to limit any contact with the client e.g. shaking of hand and ensure to maintain the required social distance as per regulations.


  • Once the valuer has done the first two processes, he is then cleared to proceed with the valuation ensuring to repeat the same process with the next client.

Further to the above procedures we try to update our staff on any new techniques that can be used to ensure safety of the client as well as that of our staff.